Apart from the beauty and everything, Bellflower is a city which is known for its hot and humid climate, whether you’re a tourist hustling there for vacations or a resident, if you don’t take precautions, the heat is going to get you sooner or later. So it would be better to take care of yourselves and the environment you live in.
We would now be discussing some of the indoor air quality solutions that you can apply into your office spaces or home to have sanctuary from the impending heat.

Nature at Its Best!

Now, before we discuss anything further, we all agree on this point that we just don’t want cool air in our houses and workspace, we want clean and pure air. The first thing that comes after this thought is the introduction of nature in our households and office spaces. Keeping houseplants in our surrounding environments is one of the best ways to filter and purify our air. Even if we state the facts, the benefits of these houseplants are phenomenal. Do you want to know how they actually work? Well for starters one of their functions is very much like us humans, well they breathe out. How so exactly? They breathe in carbon dioxide and from that function the output is oxygen, the air we breathe in. It sounds fascinating and upon research, the benefits are amazing. So, if you decide to decorate and protect your environment by houseplants, you would not just be improving the view but also, making a living and breathing relationship between yourself and the environment which is very much crucial. Some of the plants that could turn your environment into heaven are the aloe, English ivy, rubber tree, snake plant, bamboo plant and the red-edged dracaena.

Let the Air Flow!

So, this tip is mainly for the newcomers, especially who have bought new houses. You should know that once the house is really packed in, that means no resident, the air-flow becomes suffocated. So one of the first thing you should do when you move into a new house is open up the windows. What this will do to your indoor environment would be, exempt it from the polluted air which was stuck inside and fresh air from the outside would be pumped in. Making your environment much more habitable and comfortable.

Furnaces are the Modern Solution!

Almost every house in America is well equipped with a furnace, it is very rare and hard to find a house that does not come with its standard furnace installed. How do furnaces in households work actually? They actually maintain the outflow of the air quality in houses, make sure that the air which pumps around your house is not polluted. Maintaining and keeping them at check should always be the priority, also make sure that they are equipped with ultra-violet lights. Equipping your furnaces with UV lights would contribute to the quality of the air pumped through these vents because reportedly UV lights kill off bacteria.

Keeping Your Vents Clean!

Indoor and ventilated systems in the households provide a very good and stable cooling environment, but every now and then these vents get polluted with the dust and other hazardous elements. So it would be best if you gave your vents maintenance every now and then.

Vacuums are Fun and Necessary!

Having a habit of vacuuming your household is one that you should not be swayed away, it keeps the home rid of impurities and makes the environment very safe. Keep in mind though that with each vacuum, the filter gets more dirty and unstable so give it maintenance every now and then. It should keep your environment hygienic enough!


Bellflower is a great city to live in, although it has its fair share of hot weather and humidity, the attractions and environment the city pours out is one of the many reasons to pay it a visit at least once. Just make sure to keep the solutions in check!


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