Heating, Ventilation and Cooling are necessary for every household and workplace, and seeing their importance it wouldn’t be something out of the blue if there weren’t some myths revolved around it. There are so many misconceptions around it, that they can’t be accumulated into one place. Although we have these HVAC units in our houses and offices, we aren’t exactly fully aware how they work or what their true capabilities are.

So you can imagine that with all of these myths revolving around, they make the extent of our HVAC systems even more difficult than before. When we want to save our hard-earned money on these HVAC systems or just take shortcuts, these myths make more sense than usual.

Today through our guide we would be busting some of the most common and uncommon myths there are for your HVAC systems. It is necessary for you to know that what is reality and what is the truth, so you can make the best decision possible.

If Your Unit Doesn’t Have Any Problem Then Don’t Call In The Specialists

This is one of the most common myths related to HVAC units. Consider HVAC units as your own body, monthly you would go to the doctor’s for a regular checkup. This is to ensure that everything is okay, so why not do the same with your HVAC units. They are directly responsible for the cooling and heating you get during the seasons.

HVAC units are made up of several vital components such as the motor, air filters, refrigerants etc. You need to make sure that all of them are performing adequately. Failure to do so will definitely result in you paying for a rather avoidable expensive repair, because homeowners don’t regularly call in the technicians unless the problem is too severe. If you get the unit maintained every now and then, the life expectancy is surely going to increase.

Sometimes when we are deciding which HVAC company to employ, we should always look out for their licenses and other kind of referrals. Although, we are tempted to get the cheap technicians which would just cost us lower money than usual but that would just simply delay the inevitable. Get the services of skilled and licensed HVAC companies as they could also offer the necessary insurance.

Air Filters Should Just Be Changed Monthly

As we discussed before, your HVAC units are made up of several key components and air filters are one of them. These air filters make sure that your unit is protected against any kind of foreign particle as their excess could heavily damage. There are several particles, like dust and debris which can pollute your air filter daily. So if you do believe on this myth and get your air filters repaired by the end of the year, they are going to be beyond saving. Chances are you can even end up changing the whole unit.

If you want the best for your system, then you should get the air filters changed every 2-3 months. You could always go a step further and modify the kind of air filters you would be installing in your unit. The two types which are available in the market are pleated and fiberglass. Each one of them would have different kind of effect and benefits for your unit.

Lowering The Temperature Would Cool Down Faster

This is again one of the most common myths related to HVAC units. Many people believe that lowering down the temperature of the air conditioner would cool down faster but that is just a myth. The way HVAC units perform are just being on or off, the temperature setting doesn’t really matter. Although the rate of speed by which your HVAC unit would be cooling or heating could be affected by the temperature you set.

So lowering or increasing the temperature of your thermostat isn’t going to do any good. Doing so, you would just be making your HVAC unit work longer than necessary.

Turning The System On and Off Constantly Is Going To Save Money

It is a common phenomenon that if you switch off the lights and other electrical appliances while going to sleep, you are going to save money. Although that is not the case here, especially not with HVAC units. If you turn them on and off repeatedly they are just going to extract more energy.

If you really want to save energy consumption then installing a digital programmable thermostat for your house is going to be the best option. When you are not home or would be going to sleep, then those devices would automatically lower down the settings of your unit. This way you can be cost effective and save energy simultaneously, just choose the kind of thermostat which would suit you best.

Bigger Is Better And Adjusts Everywhere

Before you actually get to buy your HVAC unit, you should focus on your home’s infrastructure. Consulting with the technicians is going to be necessary here, because your HVAC unit should be adjacent to the size of your house. A big house is going to need a big unit and vice versa, you cannot install a very heavy and big unit for a comparatively smaller house because that is just going to waste all that energy. It will cost you more money than usual and it will break down faster. Air conditioners apart from cooling down your house, suck the moisture from the environment. An oversized system may become very inefficient at this job and would also take longer to drain the moisture.

Somethings to consider while choosing a HVAC unit would be the age of your house, how many people live in the house, how many rooms are there, where would you be placing the unit and of course the square footage of the house. All of these things can be best measured by the technicians.

Always Keep The Unit Closed In Winters

As we know that air conditioners are made up of two actual units with the condenser being outside. The outdoor unit can withstand almost everything, may it be rain, snow or any other kind of temperature fluctuations. So covering it during any of the season does not make sense, insects especially rodents they like to make their nests in warm cozy areas, a covered unit would be the perfect nesting area for them.

If the unit does get plagued by these units then they would be causing a lot of problems, including faulty chewed wires and webs. A wooden block placed on the top of these units would not only protect them but also keep them in good shape.

How To Avoid Furnace From Freezing Out This Winter

A good and well maintained furnace can work without having any kind of problem for a long time, but sometimes as per the customer’s suggestions there are some icing problems on them. Now there are two reasons for that, maybe the weather is like that or the furnace itself is having some kind of issue. We will provide a guide on how you can avoid that icing problem.

The flow of highly effective gasses from the furnace met with cold air outside the unit leads to ice buildup. In order to avoid this, the temperature could be adjusted from then thermostat.

If you have an improper venting system attached with your furnace then this will also lead to heavy ice buildup. Take care of your venting structure and you would seemingly be taking care of your ice problems.

Furnaces also consist of exhaust vents, and if there are huge restrictions in the vent then the furnace would eventually shut down. If there are small restrictions like pebbles or debris then it can lead to snow and ice buildup. In order to avoid this situation it is best that you clean out the vents regularly.


HVAC units are always circled with ridiculous myths, and because of that we don’t even get to know about the true capabilities of our systems. With our guide, we have busted those myths and given tips on how you can prolong the effectiveness of your unit.

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