When Should or Shouldn’t Call Service All-Stars

You’ve been fixing leaky faucets and exchanging your air filters for years. You might think you have this HVAC thing down, right? Well, there are going to be instances where you should definitely call in the professionals. There is a reason all of the technicians at Service All-Stars are licensed, bonded, and insured. Some issues around the house can’t get fixed by watching a YouTube video, unfortunately. You’re in luck, though, because our team is ready and equipped to help you at a moment’s notice.

Whether you need air conditioning and heater repairs, replacements, or maintenance, you can rely on our team to assist in keeping your home cozy and you safe. Our technicians have been through all the proper schooling and have the experience necessary to work with any and all HVAC systems. We have seen it all went it comes to repairing and replacing these devices. You will also find yourself saving more money by calling on us to handle all the difficult issues facing your HVAC systems. Give us a call today, we’ll help you save even more by offering a free estimate on all necessary fixes, and if you need a replacement, we can help shop for the best option to cool and heat your home.

Benefits of Hiring HVAC Service Professionals

You might view hiring a professional as a failure in your DIY abilities, but something you should keep in mind is these pros have studied, worked in the field, and understand the systems to keep them functioning correctly and efficiently. They have dedicated themselves to the industry and maintain knowledge on all systems to be able to work on any HVAC appliances throughout the Bellflower, CA area. They understand the electronics and working parts to remove and replace them safely. Below are some of the other significant benefits you have to enjoy after hiring Service All-Stars for your HVAC services around your home:

Warranties: Protect your heating and cooling systems after Service All-Stars works on them. You can also safeguard yourself from having to pay more money for another repair or even replacement. If there is ever an issue after we complete the necessary maintenance, our technicians will be out to adjust and get the system running again. You can’t get this kind of protection when you perform the services yourself.

Better Performing Systems: Energy efficiency helps not only keep your home cozy, but it also helps keep your wallet full. An inefficient system will cost you more money every month just by turning on each time. With our understanding, you can breathe easier knowing your HVAC system is working for you instead of the other way around, and you’re getting the most comfortable temperatures.

Money-Saving Opportunities: By having our professionals do the work, you can count on your appliances running as efficiently as possible, saving you money monthly. Replacements can also carry a considerable price tag, and if you aren’t prepared for it, you may be left without heating or cooling within your home. General maintenance from Service All-Stars can help keep your system running longer, and we can give you a head’s up when it may be time to start saving for a replacement HVAC system.

Protect Yourself: Our technicians can help save you a trip to the hospital. Your HVAC systems involve electricity, which can hurt you if you don’t have the proper tools or equipment. As well, many of these moving parts and appliances are heavy. Lifting can strain your back or hurt your knees if done incorrectly. Utilize our technician’s knowledge and skill to get the repairs, replacements, and maintenance done quickly and safely. There are also chemicals within your air conditioner you need protection from to not poison or burn yourself.

Long-Lasting Appliances: Our knowledge helps keep your system running its best, and we can recognize when parts need to be replaced, lubricated to prevent wear, or if there are leaks. Without regular professional maintenance, your machine could break down quicker, leading to a replacement before the average 10-15-year age it should reach.

Education: You can also make hiring a professional a chance to learn. Ask as many questions as you would like to help yourself understand why things break, how we plan to fix them, and why specific tools and training are essential. We can help give you all the advice you need to perform particular tasks on your own to help keep your HVAC system running in between our visits.

DIY Projects Safe to Perform on Your Own

While most of the time it will be safer and more cost-effective to hire a pro from Service All-Stars, there are some jobs you could perform at home on your own. We understand there are homeowners in Bellflower, CA who want complete ownership of completing maintenance in the home. Here are some jobs around the house any DIY’er can safely complete before calling the professionals:

Change Out Battery: Batteries in your thermostat is essential because they keep it powered. Once your batteries start to lose power or completely stop working, it won’t be able to communicate effectively with your HVAC system. You won’t get the right temperatures, and your air conditioner or heating unit will work harder, causing unnecessary stress.

Switch Your Air Filters: To keep your HVAC system performing at its most efficient and maintain higher indoor air quality, you will want to change out your filter at least every three months. When Service All-Stars comes to perform necessary maintenance services, we can check to see if you should be changing more frequently.

Landscape Around AC Unit: When you begin this DIY task, it is best to turn off the power to your system to help protect yourself from the electricity. Afterward, you can start to remove debris from the fan area. You can also use a weed whacker or lawnmower to help keep all the plants bay. If they get into the machine, they can cause severe damage and prevent you from keeping your home cold or warm.

Clean Vents and Registers: While inside your home, make sure there isn’t dirt or dust gathering around the vents and registers of your home. Keeping these areas clean and clear helps give you the airflow necessary to meet the temperature on your thermostat. You will also improve your indoor air quality and protect yourself and your family from allergies or asthma problems. If this is a common occurrence, it’s a sign you should schedule a duct cleaning from Service All-Stars.

Inspect Coolant Pipes: Make sure your coolant pipe’s insulation is still intact. If there are any significant damages or holes in the insulation, you can replace these sections. We don’t see too much damage in the winter, but you should still check on this before heavy use in the summer. Protecting this pipe will help get your house the coldest air possible.

Signs to Look for When to Call Service All-Stars for Help

While you may not be able to fix everything regarding your HVAC system, one of the biggest things you can do on your own is being vigilant about when you should call Service All-Stars to get them help. Our staff is equipped and knowledgeable to get any and all repairs completed quickly and efficiently. Below are some of the signs you should keep an eye and ear out for because allowing them to continue operating will drive your energy bills up and wear your appliances out quicker.

Odd Odors: The air coming through your registers should be odorless, so when you smell anything after your air conditioner or heater turn on, give Service All-Stars a call to us inspect the appliance. We will discover the origin of the smell and make the necessary repairs or maintenance. To get it running clean again.
Strange Sounds: All HVAC systems make some kind of noise when turning on and off to pump air through your home. When you begin to hear grinding, banging, clanking, and more, it’s time to call the professionals. It could be anything from a leak, rusting, or loose working parts.

Low Airflow: You should be able to feel a burst of air coming through your home’s vents and registers when your air conditioner or heater activates. If there is none or it’s very low, you may have issues with your HVAC system. You could also need to have your duct system cleaned because of dirt, dust, or dander blocking the air from getting through your vents.

Warm or No Air: If you are trying to cool your house down in the California summer, but you are only getting warm air no matter how low you set your thermostat, give Service All-Stars a call for help. Our HVAC services can get you the cold air you want to make your house comfortable again.

Frequently Turning On: When you are working your air conditioner and heater, if you hear it often turning on, this means it is working extra hard to give you the cool or warm air needed in your home. It also means the machinery inside is going through more wear and tear, which leads to quick repairs and replacements.

Call Service All-Stars When You Need HVAC Services

We understand the frustration of not being able to repair your HVAC services. Thanks to our training and available tools, we can quickly, safely, and effectively get your appliances working to their best potential possible. We have been helping Bellflower, CA and the rest of L.A. County get their air conditioners and heaters to make their home as cozy as you wish without issue. We provide repairs and replacements as well as general maintenance visits twice a year. Schedule your appointment today!


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