Having said that, you must pay attention to the heating (and cooling) system of your home. A heating system is most important if you are living in higher latitudes. However, the availability of numerous HVAC options may leave you in the confusion that which system you should opt for.

Advancement in technology has brought great options in the things we need in daily life. The ductless heating system is one such example, which has altogether changed the concept of central heating systems.

The ductless heating system frees you from worries of installing two separate systems i.e. heating and cooling. Because this two-in-one system will enable you to enjoy both weather extremes.

Still, if you are wondering if you should go for ductless heating or not, these 5 points will give you a clear insight into the benefits of ductless heating.

Controlled Heating

Unlike the traditional central heating systems, the ductless system will enable you to alter and fix different temperature for every portion of your home. Some rooms which do not receive sunshine, become extremely cold and it is almost impossible to stay in them during winters. But, this split system permits you to increase the temperature of that particular room.

Or if anyone in your home prefers lower or higher temperature than others, their room temperature can be fixed accordingly. Similarly, kitchens do not heat up much (due to the stoves obviously), and you can alter the kitchen’s temperature lower than the rest of the rooms.


Most HVAC experts will suggest the ductless heating system if you are considering to buy a system that will assist you to maintain your monthly budget. These ductless split systems will reduce your energy cost up to 30% or more.

The secret behind this energy efficiency is the targeted heating this system provides. Unlike the old systems which used to waste energy in unnecessary heating of the parts in your home you don’t use much, the ductless system cuts down the energy cost surprisingly by heating only those portions which you need.

Similarly, the maintenance budget of ductless split systems is almost negligible, and you will not have to bother about fixing the leaking ducts or replacing the broken filters. In the ductless heaters, you will have to clean/maintain the air filters only. Which can be easily done on an off day (it will take you maximum an hour for two air filters). Isn’t it great? No maintenance cost, and controlled monthly electricity bill.

Quick installation

Installing a heating system does not mean that you will have to turn your house into a mess, because gone are the days when extensive drilling was compulsory to let the ducts pass through the walls. In a ductless heating system, you will only have to decide the place where you want to place your indoor unit.

After deciding the place the HVAC technician will make a maximum 3 inches hole in the wall and will let the pipe pass through it, and that’s all! Your installation process is completed. This pipe will transport both moistures out of the room (in winters) and will move refrigerant into the room during summers (as it is a two-in-one system).

Your walls will be secure and strong (as extensive drilling increase the chances of collapsing) and your home will be cosy just according to your choice (or maybe your budget).

It Doesn’t Hurt Your Aesthetic Sense!

The people who take great interest in making their home beautiful and flawless, often think that installing a piece of machinery in their home will destroy the artistic image they have portrayed. However, this is certainly not true! The ductless systems come in great designs which suit most of the home decors. Even if you are hesitant about the look, you can get your heating system custom made according to your choice. Size, color and design, you will get many options in all of them.

We are here to serve you according to your budget and taste. Boring and dull-colored heating systems are long gone now, this is the time for experimentation in daily life things (and we are here to help you with that).

Impeccable Finishing

As already described, extensive drilling and breaking the walls (as happens in the central ducted heating system) make them vulnerable to collapsing and intruding, but opting for a ductless system will ensure the safety of your home. Leakage problems of ducts encourage the growth of mold and fungus on walls which destroys their neat look.

But buying a ductless system means throwing away all the worries of intruding, leakage, rusting, fungal growth, etc.

We are sure that the above-described points must have convinced you to go for a ductless heating system. If you have made up your mind, give us a call at (833) 659-1994 and get your ductless heating system installed from our highly professional and certified HVAC technicians.

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