This is also the time when the different HVAC traders and contractors would be so much busy with selling or repairing equipment. Although the chances of repairing the air conditioning units are fairly low they can most certainly happen, and we would like you to be prepared for this. Before you start using your air conditioning units, make sure that they are cleaned and well maintained. The best time for HVAC maintenance in spring, which is the time when all these contractors and technicians are at ease and have almost no work pressure.

Imagine this situation first, your air conditioning unit breaks down and in this warm weather, you are forced to live out in hot and humid environments, over all of that you are expected to call out the HVAC technicians for repairs who are already expensive. This mixture of difficult situations may leave you more entangled and confused. Although, no need to worry, we will be providing a detailed guide on how to assess this situation and plan out your repairing costs effectively.

Service Calls Are The Start

The first thing that might happen when your air conditioner breaks down is that you would be calling the HVAC technicians to take a look at your unit and assess the situation before you. These are calls service calls and are charged by the HVAC companies. The average costs of these calls are estimated at around $100 or more. This is the most regular of costs although it can be variated on the behalf of different companies and their policies. Another aspect of these charges being increased is when the service calls would be placed on an emergency notice or holidays, then you can expect these expenses to be doubled or even tripled depending on the severity of your situation.
Although at many times if you have a membership at your HVAC provider’s website or any special kind of coupons then you can get some designated discounts or even free of charge service calls.

Looking For Parts and Labor

Once the technician has looked at your unit and diagnosed the problem, they will give you an estimate of the required parts and the labor required to repair it. If we are talking about the repair costs in the United States of America and specifically Torrance, the costs would be till $300 or sometimes more. Each part and their costs depending on the quality of the material would charge different prices. The normal parts are although priced till $300, the main components if broken down would give you a whopping bill up to $3000 to the maximum and we are talking about compressors and condenser coils which are the most essential parts of the air conditioning unit.

Sometimes These Expenses Can Be Ignored

We all know that these expenses can be a lot of trouble, especially when you are facing more bills at hand. These expenses can be altogether be ignored if you give your unit maintenance at least two times annually. The best time for maintenance is spring as we discussed when the HVAC technicians have no to little work pressure.
Even if with maintenance the issue doesn’t seem to resolve then you need to troubleshoot. Look out for some of the factors that might be causing a problem. Look for the thermostat firstly, make sure that the settings are accurate and it is operating at full capacity. You should check if the thermostat has been set to cool mode or not, take in notice that in order to ensure a good comfortable environment, the temperature set has to be lower than the current temperature of the household. Check thoroughly for any discrepancies that can be caused and rectify them. If the thermostat is of smart technology then make sure that the batteries are updated, and if it isn’t making sure that the wires are working properly and the breaker box is clean and well maintained.

Check that your exterior air conditioning unit is working properly, is not covered by any overgrown vegetation. If it needs maintenance then make sure that it is cleaned and taken care of properly. The exterior unit is called the condenser, the switches should be proper, make sure that it is turned to on and matches with the settings.
Filters are a huge part of air conditioning units and if they are clogged with dirt particles then the HVAC unit would not be performing up to its full potential and may even require more energy to operate. When these filters are dirty, make sure that you replace them with clean ones.


As summers are approaching us we need to be fully prepared for it, our air conditioning units need to be working at optimum capacity. Expenses would surely occur and following are the ways through which they can occur and be rectified.


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