According to reports in 2006, more than 80% of indoor deaths occurred because their air conditioning units were not working properly and this led to a heat-associated demise. Every year, we get news and reports that there are more than 20 deaths that too indoors, and the cause of those deaths is heat strokes. We need to make sure at all costs that our HVAC facilities are always performing adequately.

Scheduling a Maintenance is Necessary

As the need for air conditioning units’ start, we should be well prepared for that, and the first step into getting that done would be to get your units maintained and serviced. The best time to get that done would be in the spring, reportedly that is the time when the contractors are at most ease and can easily get a look at your units. In the spring season, the technicians have almost no or less workload which can make scheduling very much easier.
You need to make sure that your units are well maintained and serviced almost once a year, the designated technicians would look after all your HVAC needs and make sure that you are well prepared for the remaining year.

One of the components keeping your HVAC units operational are the air filters and with the passage of time they would become clogged. As the filter makes sure that your air is safe and refreshing, it also sucks in the various dust particles and other foreign materials, as the filter is harboring all of these materials it might get dirty. This makes the air conditioning less effective as the units are unable to cool down the indoor temperatures, remember, when your air filters are clogged, the units would require more energy to cool down. So keep the filters cleaned to get effective and affordable cooling. Chances are that your filter could be of advanced technology so instead of giving it a rinse every week you would have to clean after every month.

Cleanliness Should Be The Priority

One of the functions apart from cooling the room is to remove the humidity levels checked and maintained of your house and how is that done so? Our HVAC units remove moisture from our indoor environments through a drainage pipe which is linked between the indoor and outdoor lines of connection. Sometimes, the drainage pipe which leads towards outside might become polluted with dirt and debris of sorts and this would lead to a disturbance inside as humidity levels would not be controlled. This could even be harmful as excessive moisture inside an environment could be fatal. Clean your drainage pipes regularly either through a vacuum or other suction material which could successfully remove all the particles.

The outside unit of the air conditioner also has to be looked after every now and then, chances are that it too could be clogged because of overgrown vegetation around it. Make sure to cut it all down so that the flow passage is without any discrepancies.

The Smart Thermostats are The Future

If you have an HVAC unit at your house then you would indeed have a thermostat installed, they are devices which make sure that the temperatures are synced and keep the environments well adjusted. Although, the older devices had to be manually adjusted but with the advancement of technology there are new versions of these devices called smart thermostats which automatically adjust your temperatures. As they regulate these temperatures accordingly, keeping them equipped could lead to comparatively higher savings on expenses.

Try Changing The Temperatures

It has been noted and evaluated that changing the temperatures could reduce your AC bills by an average of 15% per annum. This is a good saving when we think about it in the long run. Make sure that your ceiling fans are also working because the HVAC units and fans combine to give you the comfort you require, keeping the fans on would increase the effectiveness of your air conditioning units.


In order to keep your HVAC units maintained these summers and the rest of the year, you need to go through the strategies that were mentioned. Although, apart from them, you need to follow some other methods too. Make sure that you have actually hired professional technicians to look after your units. The thermostat temperatures need to be adjusted every now and then, do not set them into extra-ordinary temperatures.

Your air-conditioning unit should be at that place where the cooling is easy, do not install it at that portion of the house where cooling and maintenance gets hard and convoluted. If you have been keeping in touch with technology then you may know that there are now blinds which make sure that the heat transferred from outside is lower, try to invest in those.

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