Having the comforts of home is one of the main goals and priorities of people, in any kind of season, we need to be fully prepared. HVAC units play a vital role in houses, because without them we cannot get by the varied seasons effectively.

HVAC (Heating Ventilation And Cooling) units are responsible for the basic utilities such as cooling and heating for your house. As these units are a very big investment for your household, keeping them in the best condition and making sure that they are maintained-serviced properly should be one of the mainline priorities of homeowners.

These units spare no kind of expense for homeowners so it is only natural that we should be taking the best care of them and making sure that their performance is optimal. Many homeowners have come up with this query at first, what is the most effective time for maintenance and service for these units. As per the shifts in seasons, the best time for maintenance would be exactly a month before the aforementioned season starts. So if you want to be ready for the summers, spring would be the best time for maintenance and autumn if you want to be comfortable around in the winters.

Imagine this scenario, you come back home from a hard day and it is extremely brutal out there. The heat is immense and normal fan isn’t just going to cut it, air conditioner is necessary, but when you turn the unit on, it produces strange kind of noises and isn’t even working properly, there is no cold air coming out of it. This is when you would have to call in the professional technicians. This situation could have ignored if proper and timely maintenance was done in the first place.

With our guide, we would be giving you many helpful tips on how you can get the best out of air conditioning services and maintenance. We will also discuss some tips that you can utilize to save some hard earned money.

Have Full Information About Your Unit

Technically, if we talk about HVAC units in general, they are distributed into two main units. One is the indoor unit which is called the evaporator and then there’s the outdoor unit which is called the condenser-compressor. One of the key differences between these two units would be this that evaporator contains the cold refrigerant of the system whereas the condenser contains the hot refrigerant. Both of these units work in sync as the cold refrigerant blows out air to the outdoor unit, where it is facilitated into the outdoor environment.

You need to know about the basic components of both of these units, because if something unexpected happens, you having the required information would allow for quick responses. Knowing about all of your utilities is one of the best strategies to keep them in the proper working order, having ample knowledge about these facilities would only save you money and trouble in the future. Another key aspect that you should know about how both of your units work in accordance, what key components are common and how a problem in one of these units could affect the performance of the other unit.

Keep The Fins Of Both The Units Clean

One of the main components of your air conditioner unit would be the fins, they are similar to the air filters as they keep the dust and other types of foreign particles like debris out of the unit. Make sure to keep them well maintained, cleaning them should be on your weekly schedule. Do not use a vacuum or any other kind of hard-edged material to clean them, instead be sure to use a soft-bristle brush. This is because these fins are very delicate and fragile, if they come in contact with something hard, they would eventually break. Care is advised here, as they can be easily crushed or broken, also they are expensive to come by so keep that in mind when you are cleaning them.
Consult often with the owner’s manual of the unit, over there exact and precise instructions would be given on how to handle these fins and their servicing.

Install A Sinking Pad Over The Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor unit which is the compressor and the condenser is installed over a thick pad of concrete and over the year it would settle in. Although there would be a certain level of stain over the coolant tubes and electricity power lines, as long as they are dry it shouldn’t be any kind of problem for you.
A problem could occur if those wires and tubes are getting wet and the pad is sinking, if not taken action against it soon then there could be a lot difficulties. We would suggest that at the slightest indication, install a sinking pad over the outdoor unit, after that protection would be ensured.

Install A Smart Thermostat

The way technology is rapidly evolving in today’s era, it would be a mistake to not be updated on all the forefronts. When it comes to the topic of air conditioners, one thing is sure that you need to install a smart programmable thermostat for your home. Gone are the days when you had to configure the settings every now and then for your thermostat, with a smart digital thermostat, there would be no need for programming any kind of setting.

Smart thermostat works closely in sync with your HVAC units, they check the temperature outside and depending on the setting, configure the setting of the unit. There is a brief configuration period of 24 hours wherein the device absorbs all the calibration settings that you have made over the past couple of hours. Once all the settings have been updated, the thermostat would start working in accordance, suitable temperatures would be updated throughout day and night. This would also save your HVAC unit from tripping, thus saving you cost and other kinds of expenditure. Be sure to install a digital thermostat if you want to get the best out of your unit as effective performance would be enhanced and your electricity bills would also be lessened.

Duct Boosters Are Effective

The problem with air conditioning boosting nowadays is that they’re not that much effective. You might still be experiencing the hot and cold situation around your house, some rooms would be unusually cold whereas some would be hot. This is clearly a problem with your fans inside the unit, maybe they aren’t having enough power for the maximum air flow.

Problems like these could be solved by installing a high-powered duct booster inside your system. These boosters would permanently increase the air flow of your unit and make sure that you aren’t facing the hot and cold situation around your house. This booster would be installed near the main unit itself and whenever the unit turns on, it would start functioning automatically.

Check If Your Air Conditioner Is The Right Size

The thing with air conditioners is this that they are actually made to cool a specific area of cubic meters or yard, any type of deviation in that measurement and your air conditioner would be rendered useless and ineffective.
Before actually installing an air conditioner, consult with your HVAC technicians. Have them visit the house and make the proper calculations, they would be taking a measuring of your house and the type of ductwork which would be needed. This practice turns out to be very effective for your air conditioner. You wouldn’t want to install a small air conditioner for a large house as it would seriously deteriorate the effectiveness of the unit.

Whole House Fans Work As A Compliment

Complimentary goods are those which work in accordance and boost the functions of the other unit. For example tea and sugar are complimentary goods, if we talk about air conditioners in specific then fans would make the complimentary pair here.

Fans are made to cool down entire houses and their performance would only be boosted when they work with air conditioners. You wouldn’t have to turn down the settings of the unit and it would still have the same amount of cooling. Even your electricity bills would be lessened and performance would increase. This is a great way to save money and make sure that you get the best out of your air conditioner.


With our extensive guide, we have shown how you can get the best out of your air conditioner, make the best use of servicing and maintenance. Tips and tricks have also been outlined to save you money and boost the performance.

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