Hot summers could be very brutal, and if you don’t have the comfort of air conditioners at your disposal then you are going to have a really unpleasant time. According to reports, if there is a stoppage of HVAC equipment due to any kind of failure then it could cause the whole industry a loss of around $23000. If you think that are damages then think about what kind of problems could arise in a day.

These unplanned maintenance are not just accountable to companies, whenever these happen, it is the households that have to actually pay for the services. In order to get around these expenses proper HVAC maintenance is crucially important.

HVAC equipment would be one of the most important investments for your households. You need to get the latest and most effective system so that you don’t spend majority of the repairing it. You need to make sure that your HVAC equipment is always operating at optimal performance and this is very important in getting rid of those unnecessary maintenance bills.

This is not just for the homeowners or companies, if you are a landlord, then by regulations and law, you are obliged to provide the best livable conditions to your tenants.

With our extensive guide, we would be providing you with thorough tips for HVAC maintenance.

Knowledge Is Power

Before you get started on your air conditioners, you need to have absolute knowledge about them. This is because when you completely know about them, any kind of problem would be more enduring and you would have the means to fix them.
Mainly the air conditioners are divided into two main components, the indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor units are attached in connection with your indoor unit and would have compressors or condensers inside them. Whereas the indoor units would be installed on the central duct systems. You need to know how they work here, how’re they connected and how does the failure of one unit would affect the other unit.

If any of these two units get clogged, make sure to clean them. The outdoor unit would often have debris, leaves and other kind of foreign particles polluting it, just shut them down for some time and clean them thoroughly. Regularly cleaning them will save you a lot of trouble and expenses in the future.

You Need To Keep Everything Clean

Your air conditioner is a very delicate unit and you need to keep it clean always. The HVAC unit would have fins attached to it, through this the air comes out and if they get clogged or dirty, the passage of cold air becomes very difficult. So make sure that you clean them at least twice in a week. Although before you actually start cleaning them, be sure to vacuum them, it would remove the micro dirt particles which could not be removed through other means.

After a successful vacuum, unhook the fins and clean them thoroughly, this would also increase the performance of your unit.

Maintain The Outdoor Unit Fans And Pads

Usually your outdoor unit has to be put on a stone pad or tile, it should be strong enough to withstand the weight of the unit. Over a certain time period, these pads get settled-it is like they root themselves up. This should be no problem at all, if the power lines are secure and dry. Although if that is not the case and they get damaged in the process then you would need to take action here, maybe do something to drain all that water coming down.

Smart Thermostats Are The Future

Thermostats and Air conditioners are complimentary goods, one cannot survive without the other. Thermostats are used in houses to calibrate the outdoor and indoor temperatures. The indoor temperature inside is put several degrees down as compared to the temperature on the thermostat, but for this you would have to go outside and check it every now and then.

Technology has advanced so much that now there are smart thermostats in the market, they don’t need to be changed often. Just install them, they would take 24-48 hours for proper calibration and after that you would be freed up from changing the temperature. The thermostat would do it for you, this is because they have very effective sensors installed in them.

This is very effective and efficient for your household, it won’t just save you time but also money. Changing temperatures often leads to the unit getting tripped which pulls in a lot of energy, activity like this could greatly increase your electricity bills, so think of smart thermostats a great way to save money.

You Could Always Add Boosters

Having an air conditioner is a blessing, your summers would go on swiftly and without discomfort but there are also some repercussions that could happen. Every now and then you would notice some hot and cold spots around the house, these are spots which are surprisingly different temperature wise. It is because the air conditioner in its normal prowess is not able to cool those areas. For this you would need duct boosters, this would increase the fan power of your air conditioner. This boosters could also be installed in those rooms where the temperature is uneven, when the air conditioner is turned on, these boosters would turn on automatically as they would be synced.

Check The Size Of The Air Conditioner Unit

Air conditioners come in different shapes and sizes, they are cubic feet. For a small house you would be needing a smaller and for a big house a bigger unit. They size of the unit and house are directly linked. If there is any difference in sizes then you could experience ineffectiveness of the unit.

If you make a mistake in terms of size while purchasing then you would have to maintain and repair them very often, which could increase your expenses and leave you in total discomfort.

Whole-House Fans Are Necessary

If you want the best performance from your air conditioners then you need to install whole-house fans inside your premises. The concept over here is very simple, hot air is pushed out through the vents and cold air is pulled in after that. This goes toe to toe with your air conditioner as the combined air proves the best of comfort.

These large fans could remove humidity and hot air from your house in seconds and when the air conditioner is turned on, you would be experiencing a cold breeze. So do invest in those, it could definitely go well in the long run.


Following were some of the tips you could use to improve the performance of your HVAC units, this would also help maintain them. If done properly then it could even help you lower down the expenses exponentially.


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