To avoid any bothersome situation you must check what the critical level of your furnace’s problem is. Doing so will help you in deciding if this problem can be fixed at home or you need a professional assistance.

There are different noises, faulty furnace produce and (most of the time) these sounds indicate where the actual problem is. To give you a clear insight into your furnace’s problem, here is a thorough description of these odd sounds.

i. As metals are affected by changing temperature, it alters the shape and position of ducts. If your furnace starts making the ticking sound in extreme summer, it definitely means the ducts have expanded and they are colliding with each other (or walls). When this is the case, you shouldn’t take much tension, as changing of temperature will bring these metallic sheets back in their original spot.

ii. Too much use of furnace can clog the filters and its proper functioning is disturbed. If your furnace is making a whistle like sound, it is probably coming from the filters. You should check if the filter is fully clogged or it is fine. If removing the filter plate reduces noise, you have caught the problem.

But if the sound is still the same, you should ask for help. As the other reason of whistle sound is a fault in furnace motor, and you should never experiment with the motor (without having professional experience).

iii. If your furnace has started to make sounds like hiccups (when you turn it on), it means that your burners are all occupied by debris and waste material (which should have been emitted). This happens when the HVAC system is left unchecked for more than 6 months.

The gases start slowly accumulating on burners and they start hiccupping when your system is on. To prevent this situation you must clean your HVAC system once in a year.

If this situation worsens, it can be a huge trouble for your home. As the accumulation of gases will cause pressure inside the ducts, blowers and burners. This pressure can cause explosions.

Therefore, you must ask for a professional diagnosis right away if your burners are fully clogged and gas emission is taking longer than usual.

iv. If your system is producing loud rubbing sounds even when it is working fine, this situation points towards lack of lubrication. The ducts, filters, blower-belt and motor, all need proper lubrication (as they all are metallic).

Due to excessive use, the lubrication fades away and your system becomes dry. If the rubbing sound is coming from the belt or motor, you shouldn’t try to put lubricants on your own.

As they require a proper amount which only professionals know. Similarly, the burners are delicate parts and slight carelessness can cost you many bucks. Call HVAC professional for lubricating your furnace’s all parts.

v. Do your furnace ducts vibrate when it is on? Or you are hearing them colliding with each other? This shows loosening of joints and expanding of the metallic parts.

As expanded parts will become normal when the temperature is normal, you must do something for the vibrating and colliding parts.

This problem can be easily fixed without any assistance. You just need to put duct-tape on loose parts. And provide them support, it can be rubber or gel pads. You can stick them under ducts and the annoying colliding voice will suddenly stop.

But if ducts are damaged and their nuts have moved away, you shouldn’t try to experiment with them.

These problems are very common in old HVAC systems. New systems can also get disturbed if they do not receive proper care. You should try to clean the external parts of your HVAC system once in a while.

Still, if your furnace is disturbed and you do not want to mess up with it, give us a call at Service All-Stars (833) 659-1994 and our certified professional will reach to help you right away.

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