As the weather in the United States is getting colder, the heating system not working properly is a matter to get attention. If you correctly identify the problem with heat pump, it can be fixed easily. However, in some instances, only a professional heat pump service needs to be called.

Let’s move ahead by highlighting the common issues that may occur and can be fixed easily. Before going anything further let’s discuss why heat pumps are used?

Why Heat Pumps Are Used?

The purpose of the heat pump is to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winters. The efficiency and inverter technology makes them popular in the USA. If your heats pump has the quality of both, cooling and heating that’s great and if not, we would rather ask you to get it installed.

Issues with Heat Pumps Are No Ignorable

With the turning leaves, stinging weather and the hottest summers, these pumps may get down. After all, these need proper care and maintenance. Let’s find out common issues associated and a DIY approach to it.
So, whenever your heat pump does not start immediately, freezes up, trips down or there is a problem in the cooling or heating system, there’s an alarm that your heat pump needs a troubleshoot look. But there’s nothing to worry about. We believe that these guidelines will surely help you to give it a first glance all by yourself. And if you think, these tips aren’t handy and you need to hire professional heat pump services around you then you can always reach us via call.

Heat Pump Not Getting Started

Just imagine watching your favorite Netflix show while having Pop Corns by staying cozy. All of sudden, you start noticing that your hand hair strands started moving upwards. Upon noticing you realize that the culprit is your heat pump that’s coming all your way. Wondering what to do then?

Check Thermostat

When it comes to cuplrit heat pump then the thermostat is the first thing that comes in mind. Wondering you’ve just installed the new one but still not making it up to the mark? Let’s be honest, whether the thermostat is at the right temperature or not? Either it’s old or the new one, there could be so many problems, like a problem with wiring, which is a common issue. Wrong wiring can result in tripping, firing or any other damage. So make sure that it is properly done.

Power Supply

Make sure that electricity system is supplying enough power to heat pump. Check the main supply and power breakers. Sometimes, due to heavy load power breakers get tripped. If so, reset it by flipping ON and OFF. If it trips again there must be a short circuit.

The Connection of Heat Pump

Check out whether a heat pump is connected to the power switch or not. Sometimes switches are under shelves or in cabinets. So, make sure that it is connected and ON. If not then turn the switch ON and wait for a while to get it started.

Here we would like to mention that handling and repairing electrical devices by yourself can be dangerous. And if you have no idea how and what to do, we would rather ask you to leave this thing to the professionals who can cater these.

Heat Pumps Not Heating Properly?

The air discharged by heat pumps is not as hot as by oil or gas furnaces. Fire furnaces have a natural ingredient of heating as compared with heat pumps. However, if your heats pump is discharging less heat than usual. Following measures can be taken:

  • Raise the temperature by 5 degrees F and wait for a while to work it
  • Make it sure that room heating function is turned ON
  • If heat pump filters are covered with dust make them clean
  • Clean the outer coils of the heat pump

Frozen Condensers Can Be Another Reason

It is commonly seen that in really cold weather, condenser unit of heat pump gets frozen. To keep it working defrost cycle system must be checked after short periods of time. Check for the dust, ice crystals or any other thing that may cause blockage of heat pump filters. If no such thing is found then proper services of professionals can be hired by calling local HVAC Contractor near you.

Breakers May Trip Off

In really cold weather heat pumps need the power to make its machinery in working condition. For this purpose, heat pumps have a built-in function which turns them ON automatically. Due to this function, the power breaker may get tripped. Check the circuit breaker and turn it ON again.

Problematic Blowers Are Additional Things To Be Considered

The problem in a blower of heat pump can be caused either by limit switch which distributes air to all particles. When air gets too hot, limit switch will shut the blower down. To fix this, check the thermostat to turn the fan ON or keep it at auto. You can get some help from user manual to adjust the speed of fan.
The other cause may be the disconnection of motor and belt. If the belt has been broken then the motor will run but the blower will not work. There is no hectic in fixing a broken belt. Just do the following:

  • Remove the door of the heat pump. Take the belt outside. Note down the number of belts stamped on it and replace it with a new one.
  • If the belt is in good condition. It can be placed properly, first on motor’s pulley and another side on the blower’s pulley. But keep your hands safe while doing this.

Heat Pump Cycle Does Not Work Properly

If there is a blockage on the filter of the heat pump. It will not let the blower work correctly. So make it clean. The other reason can be up and down in temperature, which is not measurable by the thermostat. Place the thermostat somewhere else or set the temperature correctly.

Noisy Heat Pumps Are An Additional Issue


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