Summers are upon us and we need to keep our air conditioning units in optimum condition, so we can extract peak performance. Although, if you are having issues with your units, then it could be signs of impending trouble, chances are that now that they’re being used after an year, they have simply lost their touch and with a bit of maintenance they can get back at their formal glory. But it can be exhausting to know if your air conditioning unit has simply lost its touch or has been damaged beyond repair, we spend much money figuring that out and if we knew the signs before it would save us both time and money.

How Much is the Useful Life?

Each and every air conditioning unit has a useful life, which after completing it, it would become outdated so it would be a better option to replace the whole unit by itself. High branded items in the markets have a useful life of almost two decades, which is ample enough time for one single air conditioning unit. Although don’t think that an AC would magically provide you twenty years of service without any maintenance or anything, without proper care these units would break down in a couple of months, so you need to be extra vigilant while handling these units.

So before you even consider making a replacement, just check if your unit is of a well reputed brand, which would answer questions by itself. Another aspect you need to keep in mind is this that, units lose their touch when they are cooling a space way beyond they’re supposed to. For example if you have bought a small unit for a very large house then it going to be very inadequate and may lose its worth and performance in a matter of months. These are all the situations that you need to consider before making your decision.

What’s going to be the Cost of Repair?

Let us assume a scenario here, you have been using your air conditioning unit for a while now, and it has broken down recently. There are two options available, either replace it or repair it. The HVAC contractors and their professional team would always suggest you a certain formula on how to decide your best option.

If your unit has outdone more than majority of its useful life and now it is facing some trouble, you can replace the whole unit or repair it, if the repairs are more than 30% of the whole replacement cost than the smart choice here would be to replace.

Another aspect here, try to calculate the costs by yourself because dealers and contractors are always on the neck, trying to make money, put up higher costs than usual. Know your costs by yourself, and nobody would be able to rip you off.

Sometimes Repairing Might Be an Issue

As the debate is of repairs versus replacement, due to circumstances repairs might become impossible or super hard sometimes. Chances are that you would be using a very outdated air conditioning unit and if it breaks down unfortunately, it could become a real hassle fixing it. As technology quickly becomes outdated, the practices revolved around it also become outdated, the spare parts start depleting, and they might become widely unavailable in the market.

If you sense that your unit is having the same issues over and over again, then it’s a clear indication that the machine has went beyond the call of duty and cannot perform any further and at that time, the best option would be to replace your unit.

Major Repairs are very much Costly

Your Air Conditioning unit is made up of many major components, such as the refrigerant and the compressor, and if unfortunately one of them breaks down then they could cost a fortune, comparatively more than an actual replacement. When one of these major issues stand out, other issues will soon follow so you need to think ahead when these occur.

How To Actually Choose The Right AC

Choosing the perfect AC for your household could be complete hassle sometimes, there are so many brands in the market, choosing between them turns out to be so much mind-bending. Although, when going after the brands, choose the one which is at the top of the food chain, this would guarantee peak performance and other benefits as well.

You know some of the essentials here, big unit for big household and vice versa, also make sure that the unit is equipped with the top technology, this would make effectiveness higher and power consumption low. The unit should be installed at such place in the household where it can cool down the entire area easily also where it can be maintained with ease. Check the dimensions of the unit and compare it with the surroundings of your household, because sometimes the screws might become loosened up and would ultimately damage the unit.

Always run down all the costs, contact your HVAC contractors and ask them to give you an estimate, but calculate them by yourself too. Do not be confused or thrown back by expensive units, in most of the cases they are equipped with the best technology and if we compare them in the long run, the can save you a lot of cost annually.

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