As summers are approaching us, we would want to be in the most comfortable of environments, may it be our households or offices. Brutal summers can be very hard to survive in, especially when there is humidity involved too. HVAC units are of utmost necessity nowadays, you just cannot survive without them. Let us consider a scenario first, it is scorching heat outside, the air conditioner is on but it isn’t cooling properly, it is like it’s blowing hot air instead of cold air. This would be a very disastrous situation and we cannot even think to put ourselves in that scenario.

HVAC equipment would be one of the most important investments you would be making for your house. They would be going for the long-term and you would have to make sure that purchase a unit which would perform exceptionally for a very long time. Although, apart from choosing a commendable unit from the lot, you would still have to maintain it every now and then to ensure that this performance continues.

One of the main concepts how air conditioners work is this that they pull the cold air in and push out the hot air outside. You could say it is a win and lose situation, as for the comfort of our internal environments, we are harming our external environment. But this can be stopped, if we take proper precautions and maintain our units more frequently.

We would be providing you with an extensive guide on how to improve the performance of your air conditioners, if done right, it could even save you a lot of expenses.

Take Care Of The Leaks

No matter what kind of place you have your air conditioner installed in, may it be houses or offices, you would have to seal all of the air leaks firstly. The concept over here is this that, you need to isolate the cold air inside.
In office spaces, the air leaks are most probably sealed because of their structures but this is sometimes a problem for households, especially if you have a really old house. Old houses which have never been air sealed before could be problematic as there could be leaks that you haven’t even noticed before, they could even be in the attic. So, before you install your new HVAC unit, make sure to ensure that all air leaks have been sealed off properly.

Keeping The Heat Out

Summers could be very hard on households, the scorching heat makes its way into households even with maximum protection. In order to increase the cooling of your air conditioners, blinds would go a very long way. Through windows, the heat enters our internal environments, we would have to shade them first, and that could be done by heat absorbing blinds. With them covering up your windows, you would enjoy a seamless cold environment.

Change The Lighting

According to reports, more than 30% of internal environments are shaped up by the kind of lighting you have. Some bulbs consume so much energy that they spread heat. These kinds of bulbs are dangerous, installing energy-efficient bulbs in their place would be the right choice as they would firstly consume lesser energy and be comfortable for the environment.

Installing Fans Is Necessary

There are many examples of complimentary goods and Air Conditioners-Ceiling Fans are one of those examples. If you want to get more out of your air conditioner and save costs, then installing a fan is very necessary. Plus point here would be that you won’t even have to adjust the thermostat every now and then with the ceiling fan installed as it would cool your house by 10 degrees. Combine this with efficient air conditioners and you would be enjoying a steady cold breeze.

Cost-wise, fans are also very cheap as they consume only 10-12% of air conditioners power. As technology has advanced so much in the past decade, you can now even install a smart fan in your house which would be directly linked to your mobile via the internet. Even when you’re not inside the house, you could turn it on before actually arriving which would be a pleasant welcome.

Check Your Internal Environment Thoroughly

If you have an old house then you would probably be experiencing discomfort due to the performance of your air conditioner but it is not the problem of your unit here. Old houses tend to have certain leaks, holes and worn out windows. What this situation actually does is this that instead of cooling your internal environment all of the air is pushed out. So in short, you are actually cooling down the neighborhood instead of your own house.

So before you actually install the new HVAC unit, it is your priority that how well it would go in accordance to your property. Would the air be contained it or would it be flushed out. Our suggestion here would be to call in the professional HVAC technicians to take a look at your property and make it prepared for the new unit.

Install A New Thermostat

Thermostats are installed in almost every households, they make sure that your internal environments are adjusted in comparison to the temperature outside. Every now and then you would have to go outside, check the temperature and adjust your unit. This process is time consuming and now it has become ineffective.

Installing a digital-smart thermostat would be the next big step. These smart thermostats don’t need to be adjusted every now and then, just install them and after a calibration period which is of 24-48 hours, they would be taking care of your environments on their own. This won’t be just effective but would also save you a ton of costs. Changing the temperature degree of your unit frequently makes the unit trip, this pulls in a lot of energy and could even fry the motor in the process.

With smart thermostats installed all your problems would be taken care of and your expenses would be lowered down too.

Adjust The Temperature When Leaving The House

There is a misconception among people that if we leave the air conditioner on at the same temperature, it would be very cost effective but that is not the actual case here. When we leave the house and the air conditioner is at the same temperature, it would increase your cost instead of lowering it.

If you have a smart thermostat installed then increase the temperature while going out and simply decrease it before your arrival. It would be more efficient this way and cost would be saved.


Using the guide provided, you would be able to effectively improve the performance of your air conditioners. For thorough help, we strongly suggest that you contact your HVAC technicians before setting up a unit as they would make sure that your property is well prepared.

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